A Bit of History

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Grace Church is an exciting, uplifting place. It's a place where we find comfort, friendship and a deepening of our relationship to God and one another. Today's message talks about how Grace came about and the challenges we face as a small church in a changing culture. Listen to learn more...

Soul Food

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:We eat every day to sustain ourselves. But what is it that really satifies our hunger? Listen to learn more.

Thomas the Twin

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:The apostle Thomas gets a lot of bad press about being the big doubter. But there's also a lot of emphasis on the fact that he's a twin, though the identity of this counterpart of Thomas is never named. In today's message, we begin to see the identity of Thomas' twin. Listen to learn more...

Palm Sunday Pilgrimage

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:What we now call Palm Sunday occurred during an annual time of pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem. Listen to learn more about what it means to be on a journey seeking God.

Pilgrimage cont.

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Listen to the conclusion of today's message...


Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:What is about snakes that just makes our skin "crawl"? Listen to learn more about our shared Ophidiophobia!


Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:What does the transfiguration of Jesus point to? Listen to learn more...

Leprosy and the Image of God

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:What does the plight of a leper reveal about us? About God? Listen to learn more...

Deliver Us From Evil

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Good and evil. Light and darkness. Peace and war. We're all torn between opposing forces to one degree or another, both from within and without. Jesus himself was constantly dealing with these polarities and was able to bring light to those who were steeped in darkness. Are we in darkness? Listen to learn more...

What Are You Looking For?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Jesus asked this question of some would-be disciples as he began his ministry. The same question rings loudly in our ears today. What are you looking for? Peace? Meaning? Health? Love? God?Listen to learn more...

It's Over

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:How quickly Christmas is over and the newborn babe is put away with the decorations. Is this all there is to Christmas? Listen to learn more.

Who Are You in the Christmas Story?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:We're all familiar with the characters in the Christmas story - the shepherds and kings, the fearful young couple and the villainous emperor - but did you ever consider which one most closely matches your persona? Listen to learn more...

Christmas Ruined

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Have you ever been so affected by something that you insist that everyone else should be as excited as you are about it? This is often the case when people first discover the power of the gospel in their lives. Listen to one person's story of how they went about sharing Chrsitmas joy the wrong way!

Is Busy Really Better?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:It's especially important during this holiday seson to take some time to recall why we are doing the things we are doing. One of the first questions ww should be asking is if all our busy-ness is serving us well. Listen to learn more...

Merit or Mercy?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Does God have some kind of scorecard, or is eternal life revealed through mercy? Perhaps you were raised in fear of God. Listen to learn more about the good news that Jesus reveals.

View From the Pew

Paul M. (audio and video)


Description:Get a glimpse of what Grace church is all about through the eyes of the members. Today, Paul speaks of his experience at Grace as a welcome alternative to his Catholic faith. Listen to his story from before the building even existed!

View From the Pew...

audio only


Description:Listen to one member tell the story of his journey of Grace, discovering a unique, deep well that has brought satisfaction and joy back into his spiritual and communal life.

Where Is the Love?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Why does the Christian message get lost? Where is the love? Listen to learn more...

You're Invited!

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Yes, YOU are invited to the greatest banquet ever...just because you are part of the human race. Listen to learn more.

Is God Fair?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:As we witness the suffering and chaos in the world and in our own lives, isn't this the question we are all asking? How we answer it will say a lot about ourselves and how we move forward in life. Listen to learn more.

Possible to Forgive?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:We all know that forgiveness, as a concept, is of a high moral code, offering the possiblility of immense healing and restoration. But is it possible? Today's message tells a powerful story of forgiveness. Listen to learn more.

Where is Jesus?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Jesus tells exactly where he can be found - and it's not necessarily in church! Listen to learn more...

You Are What You Eat

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Nothing could have been harder to hear than Jesus' request that his followers eat his body and drink his blood. It was at that point that Jesus lost most of his followers. It's no different today as we wrestle with the truth behind those words. Listen to learn more...

Rise Above

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:The Feast of the Ascension is a long forgotten part of the gospel story. What we miss when we overlook it however, is massive. Listen to learn more...

Going Home

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:As the saying goes, "There's no place like home." The discomfort and unsettled feelings we experience in this life state the obvious: this is NOT our true home. God, in his goodness, has prepared a place for us where we will truly be at ease, a place that wll feel like home. Listen to learn more.


Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:This well known story of Jesus appearing to two disciples along the Emmaus road speaks to every person who is looking for meaning along along their own road of life. Listen to learn more.

He Is Risen!

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:This Easter we are invited to see the risen Christ in every place and time. Listen to learn more!

New Life (2 messages)

Family Promise Network & Lazarus


Description:On Sunday, April 6, a representative from the Family Promise Network in Natick came and spoke about their work in helping homeless families remain together and get back on their feet. You can learn more about this by listening until 17:46 in the recording.The story of Lazarus being brought back from the grave by Jesus is an inspiring story og hope. Through this miracle, we can see that Jesus is letting us know clearly that he is able to raise each of us to new life, both now in our earthly lives and later when we die. Death not stronger than the life giving power of God in Christ. To hear the gospel message only, move the cursor to 19:40.

Are You Thirsty?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:The story of Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well ( the longest recorded conversation had by Jesus with anyone other than his disciples) reveals some startling truths about our own condition in life. Listen to learn more.

The Dark Side

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:The world is certainly a difficult place. It's easy to say that evil is something "out there". Jesus teaches that we don't need to look far for the roots of evil. We have those roots within. The good news is that God has made a way out of darkness for each and every person who will follow him. Listen to learn more.

Jesus Turns the Tables...Again

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:My command to you is this: love your enemies...Really? We like to think of Jesus as being loving, but when he asks us to follow him and show unconditional love, we want to quit. Can we do it? Listen to learn more.


Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Listen to learn about the importance of this element that we take for granted every day.


Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:What is time? Listen to learn more.Note: The audio on this is very low. You might need to use headphones or reset the maximum volume on your player to hear the message. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A Different Kind of Life

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Baptism is more than a religious ceremony, but an interaction with the living God. Listen to learn about this unique opportunity that God offers to all who believe.

A Different Route

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:The story of the wise men following the star to find the Christ Child is familiar to most of us, but there's no history of what became of them after their incredible journey. The only information we have says that they were instructed to go home by a different route. Scripture suggests that everyone who encountered Jesus was changed in some way, returning to their lives with a new vantage point. Listen to learn how God offers to change your direction for the better in the New Year.

Christmas: How Do We Know

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:The Wise Men followed a star, but how did they know that the Child in the straw was the King they sought? How do we come to know God? Listen to learn more about the Christmas story.

The Light Has Come

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Light is a major theme throughout the Bible. Listen to learn about the meaning of Light and the birth of Christ.

Be Ready

Phil & Julie Trotter


Description:Listen as Phil and Julie tell their story of what it's like to live near death's door because of critical illness.

Advent: Symbols & Stories

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Listen to learn about the meaning of the season of Advent. Also, hear the stories of two members who have discovered their faith anew at Grace Church.

Christ the King?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:On this last Sunday in the liturgical year, we are called to see Jesus as our king. How can Jesus claim to be a king when he showed no desire to conquer his persecutors? How can he be considered a king, when he did not seek to establish his rule? Where and how does he reign? Listen to learn more.

Marriage in Heaven?

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Jesus is once again being set up to say something, anything, that the religious leaders of his day could use against him. This time they choose the topic of the resurrection. What do you believe? Is there life after death? Listen to learn more.

From Worst to First

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:This is exactly what happened to a man who Jesus called out of the crowd. Once again, Jesus does the unexpected! Listen to learn more...


Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:We say and do a lot of things, but God alone knows why. When we're honest with ourselves and others, we're ready to live in Grace. Listen to learn more.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:What does it really mean to have faith? Do you need a lot of it, or will a little do? "Faith" is not simply an agreement with a creed or doctrine. To have faith in the Christian sense, is to rely on, or have confidence in, the ability and action of another, namely Christ. This is not something that requires a theological degree - but a willingness to interact with the divine. Listen to learn more.

Lost & Found

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Have you lost things along the way in life - wallet, keys, a marriage, an investment, a family member? Imagine the joy of finding any of those things restored! Jesus tells a story about his joy in finding us and our return to him. Listen to learn more!


Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Scripture tells us that we should give thanks to the Lord. Why? In a world of suffering, for what do we give thanks? For countless benefits! Listen to learn more.

Instant God

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:Tests have shown that if a digital download takes longer than 20 seconds, the download is aborted. Is just 20 seconds the amount of time we're willing to wait to hear from God? No wonder people are frustrated with religion & faith!Listen to learn how to wait to hear from God and get the answers you're really seeking.

Knowing the Code

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:A builder needs to know the local building code before he can legally begin construction and before any occupance permit will be issued. Similarly, we need to know what God requires from us before we can expect to be granted "occupancy" in his presence. Listen to learn more...

Psalm 66: Give Thanks

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:When you've been sick for a while and start to feel better; when you've been through some hard times and things start to make sense again; when you stop and think about everything you have. These are the times that gratitude and giving thanks come naturally. Part of worshipping God is to give thanks. We're wired for it and it's good for us. Listen to learn more.

Summer Series: Psalm 69

Rev. Peter DiSanto


Description:"Oh My God" is a popular saying these days. But what if we said these words and meant what we said? What if we really called on God to help us each and every day? Listen to learn more.